100 Huntley Street

100 Huntley Street

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Watch 100 Huntley Street for FREE with no subscription. 100 Huntley Street is Canada's longest running daily television show and the sixth longest running daily television show in the world. Authentic and interactive, 100 Huntley Street brings you the amazing stories of people – whether they be world, leaders, celebrities, sports figures, or everyday people – who have had life-changing encounters with God.

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100 Huntley Street
  • 100 Huntley Street - April 17, 2019

    Episode 1

    Father Ronald Angervil was born and raised in Haiti. He remembers as a child his family went to church regularly through the encouragement of their mother. They stopped going on a regular basis shortly prior to the death of his grandmother; her passing became a struggle for his mom, especially in...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 16, 2019

    Episode 2

    Ray and Vi Donovan
    When Ray and Vi Donovan were awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning to the horrific news that their two sons had been brutally attacked by a gang while walking to a friend’s house that night, they felt as though their world had ended. The couple discovered that one of t...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 15, 2019

    Episode 3

    Russ Taff is a Six-time Grammy-award winner who has just released his first new album in 7 years “Believe”. He was born the fourth of five sons to a fire-breathing Pentecostal preacher father and a gospel music-loving mother. Rising to prominence with The Imperials, trailblazers of the contempora...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 12, 2019

    Episode 4

    Jeremy Cowart
    Named the “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo in 2014, Jeremy Cowart is an award-winning photographer, artist, and entrepreneur whose mission in life is to "explore the intersection of creativity and empathy." Jeremy has published fo...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 11, 2019

    Episode 5

    Andrea was diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine Cancer after doctors found three tumors in her uterus. Andrea was scheduled to have a hysterectomy to remove the tumors and she awoke from her surgery to find out that 3 9-11cm tumors had disappeared. Andrea gives glory to God for this healin...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 10, 2019

    Episode 6

    Jamie D. Aten
    Jamie is a disaster psychologist, author, and speaker. He helps others cultivate faith and resilience amidst personal, mass, and humanitarian disasters. But Jamie doesn’t just study disasters—he has lived disasters. Jamie is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and a late stage cancer surv...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 9, 2019

    Episode 7

    Gage Woyen
    Testimony of a changed life all because of Jesus. Gage is involved with an organization called Young Life which exists to mentor youth and introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus at a simple, easy to understand level.

    Chris Karuhije
    Written by one of the survivors of the Rwandan Gen...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 8, 2019

    Episode 8

    Rev. Sean Brandow
    Sean Brandow is Sr. Pastor of the Humboldt Bible Church. Sean was adopted Earnest and Sandra Brandow and grew up in a ministry based home. After school, Sean served for 9 years as an Associate Pastor, focussing on student ministries. In 2010 he and his family moved to Humboldt ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 5, 2019

    Episode 9

    Elizabeth Way
    Liz met Simone in 2009 when Simone searched Liz online to help her start jump rope programs in Bermuda. They became friends and Liz travelled from Canada to Bermuda many times. After reading a post on Facebook, Liz found out her friend needed a kidney as her original donor could no...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 4, 2019

    Episode 10

    Keith Raby
    Keith says that anything good in his life he can attribute to Jesus. Everything he is and has is because of God's patience and mercy. When Keith was homeless and living in a car, he remembered the Gospel his Brother had told him. In tears Keith asked Jesus for help. But it was years l...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 3, 2019

    Episode 11

    Alexandra Kuykendall
    In a time of increased disconnection and polarization, we are reminded that Jesus still calls his followers to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The details of what that looks like in day-to-day life can be tricky. In her new book Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Tr...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 2, 2019

    Episode 12

    Alexandra Kuykendall
    In a time of increased disconnection and polarization, we are reminded that Jesus still calls his followers to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The details of what that looks like in day-to-day life can be tricky. In her new book Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Tr...

  • 100 Huntley Street - April 1, 2019

    Episode 13

    Lisa Bevere
    Lisa and her husband John are the founders of Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. In Lisa’s new book, ‘ADAMANT’: Finding truth in a Universe of options; Lisa argues that: “Truth has a name more...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 29, 2019

    Episode 14

    Margaret Etcher Theriault
    Adopted at a very young age, Margaret accepted Jesus as her Saviour at the young age of 7 while attending a Christian Camp. Margaret loved to read Bible stories and sing songs about Jesus and knew that her sins were forgiven. As the years passed by and Margaret reached ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 28, 2019

    Episode 15

    Carey Nieuwhof
    Carey is a former lawyer and the founding pastor of Connexus Church, one of the most influential churches in North America. In his new book Didn’t See It Coming, Carey shines a light on the biggest threats to the life you really want to live—and the keys to overcoming them. Didn’t...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 27, 2019

    Episode 16

    Bev Hadland
    Crossroads Ambassador to the First Peoples

    Shavina Gladue
    Shavina was raised in the church and growing up she and her family never missed a Sunday service. However, during this same time Shavina was surrounded by a lot of ungodly influence and she had a strong desire to fit in wi...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 26, 2019

    Episode 17

    Abby Johnson
    "Unplanned" the movie. Maggie John sits down to talk with Abby Johnson, real-life subject of the film as well as Film Directors: Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, and the following cast members: Ashley Bratcher, Robia Scott, Brooks Ryan, Jared Lotz, Emma Elle Roberts

    Margaret Etc...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 25, 2019

    Episode 18

    Brian McConaghy
    Ratanak International works exclusively in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery. We believe the key to ending exploitation is to empower Cambodians to be agents of change and work together to confront systems that ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 22 , 2019

    Episode 19

    JP Pokluda
    Jonathan “JP” Pokluda is the New Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. He was formerly the leader of The Porch in Dallas, TX. Under JP’s leadership The Porch grew to be the largest weekly young adult gathering of its kind in the U.S. JP didn’t come to understand the ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 21, 2019

    Episode 20

    Andy Stanley
    Communicator, author, and pastor Andy Stanley founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995. Today, NPM is comprised of six churches in the Atlanta area and a network of more than 70 churches around the globe that collectively serve nearly 118,000 people weekly. A survey of U...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 20, 2019

    Episode 21

    Shannon Hartshorn
    News that their teenage daughter had strayed so dangerously far from God came as a crushing reality to the parents of Shannon Hartshorn. With Lorie and Dean Hartshorn's two teenage sons already living in a world consumed by drugs and alcohol - discovering their daughter’s hidde...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 19, 2019

    Episode 22

    Diane Roblin-Lee
    Diane is a well known prolific Canadian author who has authored and co-authored numerous books. In 2006 tragedy-trauma hit Diane. At that time her husband was convicted of child molestation and went to prison. Determined to find purpose in pain, she immersed herself in researchi...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 18, 2019

    Episode 23

    Judee Orfino
    Judee’s life was changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis. Judee’s family was told that she would die and her medical team advised them to say their final goodbyes. Judee’s youngest daughter prayed a prayer of faith and, after spending 3 weeks on life s...

  • 100 Huntley Street - March 15, 2019

    Episode 24

    Lauren DeLeary Budnick
    Brooke DeLeary

    Having spent their young lives working to buck trends, sisters Lauren and Brooke intentionally defy cultural norms with an “all-in,” risky faith that has led to cameo appearances in the film God’s Not Dead 2, a Nashville TV series trailer, a ...